Who We Are

Hello! We are the MAFFALO Family. 


We create tools from the ground up for everyone who sharpens blades: chefs, woodworkers and other professionals.


We started out with an aluminium lapping plate for sharpening stones and spent around a year for its creation and testing. Since then, you have pointed out some imperfections and evolution ideas. Thus, we improved the plate: narrowed the grooves in the middle, moved from aluminum to stainless steel, from sharp to chamfered edges, from keen to rounded corners.


Maxi-smart Lapping Plate has been smoothing out whetstones to deliver sharp blades to you since 2016.



MAFFALO follows the principle «Caring for your Mastery».  

We cherish our customers' mastery and encourage their desire to make masterpieces. We respect different sharpening and flattening methods, passed down from generation to generation. 

We nurture experience, born into the mystery of a childhood dream. That's why we are on cloud nine, like children, when you are satisfied with MAFFALO products. Because your smile is our reward.

How can we help you? 


Tested Ourselves

Day by day, we’re testing our products on 3 points: quality, usage convenience, and up-to-date design. As in Ancient Sparta, we keep the best.

Inspired by the Mobility

We are fond of useful changes and on the alert to meet your desires.


Have an idea of how to improve MAFFALO? Just advise us and offer new challenges. We will gradually implement them.

Take Care of the Process

We are guided by the strict requirements of our audience. If you are disappointed, just email us.